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Flying into RDU Intl. practicing IFR

Want to slash the time it takes to obtain an IFR rating?

Intensity May Be What You Need…

One of the biggest frustrations pilots express to us is not progressing in their TRAINING.

The vast majority of early stage pilots we speak with want to obtain their IFR rating but month after month they don’t get started or progress. The “challenges” involved in the typical training methods and scheduling seem to result in more frustration than succes. The scheduling of aircraft, instructors, weather, work and life all constantly get in the way … while the goal of attaining that valuable IFR Rating just slips away.  Can you relate?

Pilots using intensive ground school and intensive flight training virtually always succeed and the approach is more economical with their time AND money.  Most importantly, they reach their goal!

Why does Intensive Training Work?

Intensity means we learn faster and don’t forget half of everything we learned between lessons. A commitment of time and a focus on a goal result in rapid learning and achievement.

Intensive Flight Training

Insurance Check Outs – 1 to 3 days
- This is for private pilots that have acquired a new or used glass panel aircraft and need basic check out

New aircraft Intensive – 2 to 4 days
- This is for private pilots that want more intensive training in their glass panel aircraft

IFR intensives – 4 to 10 days
- This is for private pilots that want to advance quickly in their IFR training or polish off for a check ride

We do not provide training services for student pilots. We can refer you to a qualified flight center that offers glass panel training expertise.

Please email us your pilot qualifications, aircraft info, desired schedule and we will match your needs with a GlassPilot.com qualified CFI to provide you dates and costs.  Of course our professionals offer steam gauge training but they truly shine for all the Glass Panel models out there in the GA realm.

IFR Intensive Ground Schools

Complete your IFR Written Test in a single weekend using proven intensive training.

Sure you could spend months doing a home study or online course or you could spend weeks in a night class trying to prepare for your IFR written test BUT why not use the power of Intensity to get it done NOW and use your time and money most economically!

Register for a weekend course then you can focus on your IFR flight training.

Call us at 406-FLY-1NOW / 406-359-1669 and we will point you to an appropriate weekend training course near you.