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New Diamond Flight Center Development Council Kicks off East Coast Expansion

GlassPilotGeneral, News, Training

Following the inaugural meeting of the Diamond Flight Center Development Council, John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales, announced the expansion of the Diamond Flight Center (DFC) network in the eastern part of the United States.  Dominion is the Diamond Regional Distribution Center serving that area.

Flight training schools from Kentucky, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia came together to form a special new peer group council focused on flight center development and success. They discussed best practices for flight training, launched new programs including DiamondShare and Lease & Learn, explored modern training tools, exchanged information about business operations and recognized outstanding achievements in flight center development.

“As part of our strategic plan for Diamond to continue to lead the way in modern flight training we are executing our aggressive program of expansion of the Diamond Flight Center network. Our select flight training partners are organizations who are committed to providing their customers with a high-quality learning experience in the safest, easiest to fly aircraft in the market,” says Armstrong. “Providing flight training in Diamond aircraft represents a significant profit potential for the flight centers because Diamonds have the best fuel economy and total cost of ownership among training aircraft today. Also, since the Diamond line includes a full range of aircraft from the DA20 primary trainer to the high-tech turbo diesel DA42 twin, it’s easy for customers to transition to more complex aircraft, and enjoy a seamless training experience to whatever level they aspire.”

Brant Howell of SML Aviation in Roanoke, Virginia and Danny Kane of Kane Aviation in Salem, Virginia were awarded the Top 2012 Achievement Award. In less than one year working as a team they converted from several old airplanes to a full Diamond fleet, including two DA20s (one is G500), a DA40 G1000 and the recent addition of a DA42. “Coupled with their advanced motion flight simulators and top-notch CFIs, these Diamond Flight Centers are providing the very best results and learning experience in flight training today,” says Armstrong. Read the rest of this entry »


G1000 Approach to minimum video

GlassPilotGallery, Pilot Reports, Training

We found an interesting video on YouTube that our followers might find interesting. The aircraft is an older Diamond DA40 with the analog autopilot. They demonstrate an ILS approach in low conditions. The video we’d like to bring you next is the G1000 approach with WAAS and SVT…stay tuned. GP


Three ways to prepare for winter flying…


Winter flying can be enjoyable … but only if you are well prepared!

So whether you have just ONE minute to spare, 10 minutes, or 45 minutes — please TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AT LEAST ONE OF THESE FREE SAFETY RESOURCES NOW:

  • Have only a minute? Download our Safety Advisor! Many pilots get a weather briefing and have little or no idea how to determine where icing may occur. Tuck your Safety Advisor into your flight bag for quick reference.
  • Have 10 minutes? Take our online quiz! Knowing what you don’t know will help you brush up on the winter hazards that can cause good pilots to make bad mistakes.
  • Have 45 minutes? Take our FREE Interactive Course Weather Wise: Precipitation & Icing. (Recommended.) This course employs engaging graphics and practical, interactive exercises to teach you how to recognize hazards, develop avoidance strategies, and react appropriately when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Or — Take advantage of all three! You can also help other pilots by forwarding a link to this postl to family and friends who fly.


Airventure Exceeds Expectations

GlassPilotNews, Training

If you can get past the headline news about John Edwards we can get to the real news…Airventure 2008 was a huge success and exceeded expectations.

Candidly, the entire industry was holding its breath this year to see what the turn out at Airventure would be and boy were they all surprised. Let’s face it, most industry folks expected the price of gas to cause alot of people in aircraft or in recreational vehicles to choose not to attend. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Read the rest of this entry »


How to personalize your G1000…


My wife drives a small four wheel drive wagon and she has short legs. Every time I jump in the vehicle I impale myself on the steering wheel and I can hardly get my long legs in because the seat is closer than I thought possible.

At that moment I always wish I had one of those buttons that makes the car automatically reconfigure itself for me.

Well, I may not have that in my car but I do have that in the G1000 and its a feature many G1000 pilots over look. Read the rest of this entry »