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Fly-In Restaurant Receives Recognition

GlassPilotDestinations, For Fun

Our friend and owner of Gilliam-McConnell Airport (5NC3), Roland Gilliam, let us know that the now famous Pik N Pig BBQ Restaurant located on the field has been acknowledged (again) as one of the best fly-in restaurants in the country by The $100 Hamburger website’s 2014 Best of the Best Award List.

We have had the pleasure of introducing many folks to this delightful experience and great food.

Learn all about the Pik N Pig here on GlassPilot.com.


Optimists vs Pessimists

GlassPilotFor Fun

A bit of aviation humor from our friends at Diamond in Austria


Go “10 Carat” Diamond Go!

GlassPilotFor Fun, News

Here at GlassPilot.com we are cheering for Cynthia Lee and her copilot, Nancy Rohr, in the Air Race Classic in her new Diamond DA40 XLS she acquired in December 2011. She affectionately dubbed her Diamond “10 Carat” in reference to the planes beauty and value! Good Luck Gals! Show em what the Diamond will do!

Cynthia, Nancy and 10Carat were featured in an AOPA Online article and called the “new comers” to the race. Cynthia is based in Wilmington Delaware and lives just over the line in PA. She and Nancy had an eventful but beautiful flight out west to be in position for the race.

They are all set to begin the race of a lifetime!

Cynthia learned to fly later in life and bought a basic Piper plane to learn to fly and get started. She soon after that selected the Diamond DA40 XLS as her dream plane and began scheming on how to make the move over. This happened when she was able to get a ride in the DA40 XLS as she was finishing up her Private…one flight and she was hooked!  John Armstrong of Dominion Aircraft Sales assisted Ms. Lee and was able to offer a trade for her Piper Archer to help her get into the fully decked out new DA40 XLS. “Working with Cynthia was great”, John said, “She is pursuing her dreams with such a fun and positive attitude it’s impossible not to be inspired by her. I’ve had the pleasure of flying on some trips with Cynthia and I can simply say she is a great pilot, a very special person and a delight to be with.”

Cynthia took advantage of a new program to purchase her Diamond called the DiamondShare – Share & Save Program that arranges block lease clients to reduce the cost of ownership to a desired budget target allowing the buyer to obtain the new plane of their dreams. Its an innovative new program that has significant benefits for buyers as well as their block lease clients.

Here is a great photo of 10Carat on the ramp at Sedona on the way to Lake Havasu where the race begins.

We will look forward to bringing you more updates about the progress of these great gals as they race across the country in their sparkling new Diamond.


Go 10Carat Go!


Flying Destination: Bar Harbor Maine!

GlassPilotDestinations, For Fun, Pilot Reports

One of the most enjoyable things we get to do here at GlassPilot.com is actually use these wonderful airplanes we are always talking about and providing for sale. We search out special fly-in destinations and adventures to alert our readers so they can take full advantage of the lifestyle changing potential of their aircraft.  Today we are here to tell you that if you have not flown to Maine then you need to add that to your list of things to do!

Over Labor Day this year I needed to pick up a Diamond DA40 XLS I had bought that was based in New Hampshire. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to combine a little business with pleasure so my wife and I packed up and headed North. The aircraft was ready to go and in outstanding shape (Aircraft for sale: see photos & details). We took off from the old Pease Airforce Base KPSM in Portsmouth NH which used to be a Strategic Air Command base so the runway is only 11,321ft!

Upon departure we stayed at 1000ft all the way up the coast to KBHB – Bar Harbor Maine. This is simple a “must do flight”. The coast is so scenic and dramatic with its lighthouses, rocky shore, mountains, quaint villages, boats and lots of lobster pots. My wife was simply pointing and saying wow the whole way. You’ll pass Kennebunkport, Portland, Rockland and numerous villages which all look so quaint and classic Maine from the air with their boat packed harbors and lobster pot buoys dotting every inch of water. The extreme visibility the Diamond DA40 XLS offers makes a trip like this a truly magical experience. Read the rest of this entry »


Harrier Pilots for a Day

GlassPilotFor Fun, Pilot Reports

One benefit of being in the general aviation aircraft sales business is it seems I have the job every one wants. Last fall I had the chance to bring my readers the experience of flying the KC135 tanker because I met the pilot and he wanted to learn more about what I do so he invited me along! It was an awesome experience that resulted in amazing pictures from the cockpit and refueling station.

Well folks, today we have another thrilling experience for you…a flight in a Marine Corp Harrier! It all started at Sun n Fun when a young Marine pilot offered a tour… I pulled out my calendar and booked it right then! Read the rest of this entry »


Military Humor

GlassPilotFor Fun

‘If the enemy is in range, so are you.’
- Infantry Journal-

‘It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed.’
- US.Air Force Manual – Read the rest of this entry »


Pilot Humor

GlassPilotFor Fun

Actual exchanges between pilots and air traffic controllers .

Tower: “Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o’clock, 6 miles!”

Delta 351: “Give us another hint! We have digital watches!”

nine more follow….

Read the rest of this entry »


Coast-to-Coast with the G1000

GlassPilotDestinations, For Fun, Gallery, Pilot Reports

Here at GlassPilot.com we are blessed to call so many great folks our friends, customers and supporters. Our friends Joey Richie and Matt Webb of Newport News VA just return from a great coast-to-coast flying adventure in their Diamond DA40 XLS with its G1000 panel and fuel sipping performance. This story is a fabulous example of the capabilities of our new modern aircraft. I think you’ll see clearly from their descriptions and photos the value the technology brings to making a trip like this possible. Thanks for the inspiration guys… I’m ready to launch for Catalina!

The Great Western Adventure

My partner in our DA40, Matt Webb and I just returned from a fantastic spur of the moment adventure from the East Coast (Newport News/Williamsburg) out to the West Coast in a four day trip. Matt had business in Texas and Phoenix and was looking for a good excuse to fly the Diamond out west. He asked me knowing that I can’t refuse any semi-reasonable excuse to go flying and that I could back him up with IMC situations that might arise. We synched our schedules, checked the weather for the thousandth time, then set off on Wednesday 5/26/10 knowing that we could still have two days of the Memorial Day weekend with the families if we could make it back Read the rest of this entry »


GlassPilot brings you a KC135 Refueling Flight

GlassPilotFor Fun, Gallery

Air Refueling in the KC135 from John Armstrong on Vimeo.

Here at GlassPilot we enjoy sharing information about modern aircraft and the impact the technology is having on the way we fly. Sometimes we like to share unique experiences and flying destinations for our readers to enjoy.  In this video we have the opportunity to share the experience of a recent flight on an Air Force Air Refueling Tanker. I was invited on a Civic Leader orientation flight.  The entire process was truly amazing.

In a typical refueling the KC135 might give an F15 3000 lbs or 500 gallons of fuel in only minutes.  The F15′s follow the tanker and the boom operator guides the fuel nozzle into a special fitting on the top of the aircraft. The song on the video seemed to fit as it says, “follow-me home and give me 5″. In one refueling mission the KC135 can deliver more fuel than the average driver would use in over 40 years of driving!

Though there are lots of engine gauges you’ll see that they don’t have anything on our modern GA panels! In fact, the aircraft was built the same year I was born and has been updated with glass avionics systems. In this updated form it is still the workhorse of the Air Force for refueling today. I think you’ll enjoy the video, check it out.  JA for GlassPilot.com


US Navy Carrier Operation Video

GlassPilotFor Fun, Gallery, Pilot Reports

A friend of GlassPilot.com shared this excellent video with us. Remember, most of the technology used on these aircraft was introduced 10 – 20 years ago. If you are a pilot you’ll enjoy this video!


Anthem to General Aviation (video)

GlassPilotFor Fun

I’ve always been fascinated by why people want to fly. Its a fun question to ask the pilots that I meet…”Why do you like to fly?” I ask. I usually get an answer that starts off with, “I’ve always wanted…” or “I just like being up in the air…” or other such answers.

A friend sent me this link to a video I thought was kind of neat and that captures the mystique and allure of flying for me. Since I originally learned in a classic J3 Cub and have owned and amphibian and enjoy playing the guitar, some of the images pulled at my heartstrings.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-wUPixCw2c