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The Perfect GlassPilot Companion?

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iPhone for PilotsIts nice having the weather on your glass cockpit and confidently flying through the clouds with your Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)…but where do you go for pre-flight info when you are on the go away from your computer?

Just as there have been advancements in the cockpit, we’ve seen equally amazing developments in the supporting technologies for pilots. Specifically, the iPhone has brought an amazing new level of information and capabilities to the fingertips of pilots.

Specifically, the iPhone is unique at the moment in that it has the ability to truly provide a wireless web experience that is useful just short of amazing. Using Foreflight.com with an iPhone you can access weather data, airport information, diagrams and radar displays that even loop just like on your computer.

airport info on the iPhone

weather on the iPhone

File Flight Plans with your iPhone

Our favorite feature of all is the ability to file a flight plan quickly and easily from the iPhone while on the go. I’ve even had the instance where I called from the taxiway for my clearance and my IFR plan had timed out because I was running behind that day. No worries…I simply whipped out my iPhone and tapped a few “keys” and refiled. I gave it 30 seconds and called back on the radio and sure enough the guy said, “Yep, I’ve got it now!”.

We’ve had computer based access for weather from DUAT and DUATS for some time along with great flight planning tools such as www.fltpln.com. The difference is Read the rest of this entry »


What is Glass?


Here at GlassPilot.com we need to define what we mean by
“Glass”.Garmin G1000

There are lots of things springing up all over the market that claim to be Glass Panels for aircraft and this trend is going to accelerate creating some very exciting times ahead. We look forward to covering these developments for you and bringing you the latest news, info and insights into these developments.

For the moment, however, we will focus our attention on the foundational “Game Changers” if you will. The products that are creating a new direction for the glass revolution.  Specifically, we will focus on the products that have been implemented as “Complete Systems”. By complete system we mean that one manufacturer has built or completely integrated all the elements of flight, control, navigation and communication into a single system for the aircraft.

By making this distinction we can sidestep trying to cover the entire range in detail and focus on the technology foundation that will most certainly the the most important development for the industry since the use of ailerons instead of wing warping. Once we’ve built the knowledge base covering the main systems we can branch out into the developing fringes in everything from Light Sport Aircraft (LSA’s) to the new Very Light Jets (VLJ’s) or Personal Jets (PJ’s)

As a result, we will survey the market for these complete systems and categorize these options for you and bring you all the things you need to know.

Read the rest of this entry »


Welcome! Come Enjoy the ride…

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Digital technology has changed our lives dramatically in the last 20 years.

My kids never seem to stop being amazed that when I tell them there were no computers, CD’s, iPods, or anything digital when I was young.

Yes, we’ve come along. Up to this point aviation has been to a certain degree the last hold out in the digital revolution. Not so any longer. We have recently pasted a “tipping point” where the transition to digital flight for general aviation has radically accelerated and flying will never be the same again. There is much to know about these advanced machines and that is where GlassPilot.com comes in.

GlassPilot.com is intended to help pilots and aspiring pilots be exposed and educated to the value, potential, safety, and comfort these advancements bring while providing access to the evolving tools, training options and support available to help them enjoy the full advantages of flying “glass”.

So, come along and enjoy the ride with us!