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Diamond DA42 NG Intro Video

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Coast-to-Coast with the G1000

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Here at GlassPilot.com we are blessed to call so many great folks our friends, customers and supporters. Our friends Joey Richie and Matt Webb of Newport News VA just return from a great coast-to-coast flying adventure in their Diamond DA40 XLS with its G1000 panel and fuel sipping performance. This story is a fabulous example of the capabilities of our new modern aircraft. I think you’ll see clearly from their descriptions and photos the value the technology brings to making a trip like this possible. Thanks for the inspiration guys… I’m ready to launch for Catalina!

The Great Western Adventure

My partner in our DA40, Matt Webb and I just returned from a fantastic spur of the moment adventure from the East Coast (Newport News/Williamsburg) out to the West Coast in a four day trip. Matt had business in Texas and Phoenix and was looking for a good excuse to fly the Diamond out west. He asked me knowing that I can’t refuse any semi-reasonable excuse to go flying and that I could back him up with IMC situations that might arise. We synched our schedules, checked the weather for the thousandth time, then set off on Wednesday 5/26/10 knowing that we could still have two days of the Memorial Day weekend with the families if we could make it back Read the rest of this entry »


GlassPilot brings you a KC135 Refueling Flight

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Air Refueling in the KC135 from John Armstrong on Vimeo.

Here at GlassPilot we enjoy sharing information about modern aircraft and the impact the technology is having on the way we fly. Sometimes we like to share unique experiences and flying destinations for our readers to enjoy.  In this video we have the opportunity to share the experience of a recent flight on an Air Force Air Refueling Tanker. I was invited on a Civic Leader orientation flight.  The entire process was truly amazing.

In a typical refueling the KC135 might give an F15 3000 lbs or 500 gallons of fuel in only minutes.  The F15′s follow the tanker and the boom operator guides the fuel nozzle into a special fitting on the top of the aircraft. The song on the video seemed to fit as it says, “follow-me home and give me 5″. In one refueling mission the KC135 can deliver more fuel than the average driver would use in over 40 years of driving!

Though there are lots of engine gauges you’ll see that they don’t have anything on our modern GA panels! In fact, the aircraft was built the same year I was born and has been updated with glass avionics systems. In this updated form it is still the workhorse of the Air Force for refueling today. I think you’ll enjoy the video, check it out.  JA for GlassPilot.com


US Navy Carrier Operation Video

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A friend of GlassPilot.com shared this excellent video with us. Remember, most of the technology used on these aircraft was introduced 10 – 20 years ago. If you are a pilot you’ll enjoy this video!


G1000 Approach to minimum video

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We found an interesting video on YouTube that our followers might find interesting. The aircraft is an older Diamond DA40 with the analog autopilot. They demonstrate an ILS approach in low conditions. The video we’d like to bring you next is the G1000 approach with WAAS and SVT…stay tuned. GP


XM Radio is “Refreshing”

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XM Radio Logo
One of the most amazing things about our new digital glass panels we lucky pilots get to enjoy is their connection to the satellites. We not only use the GPS satellites for easy advanced navigation but we also obtain our current weather radar, Metar, Sigmet, Airmet, TFRs, Freezing levels, winds and more via satellites.

This wonder of technology is made possible through the delivery of the data from the XM Radio (nasdaq: XMSR) satellite network. Yes, this is the same network that many of you use to entertain yourself in the cockpit of your Chevy or Lexus as the case may be.

We can also enjoy the many channels of audio while we fly too. Don’t underestimate the enhanced enjoyment this little addition brings. I’ve enjoyed many a sunset evening coming in to land with just the right tune playing in the background and a smile on my face…it is the perfect crowning touch to our new digital cockpits and it’s quite refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing… Read the rest of this entry »


GlassPilot Video: SVT

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SVT Video

SVT First Look Video

Thanks to our friends at AOPA
you can watch the
Synthetic Vision First Look Video.



Welcome! Come Enjoy the ride…

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Digital technology has changed our lives dramatically in the last 20 years.

My kids never seem to stop being amazed that when I tell them there were no computers, CD’s, iPods, or anything digital when I was young.

Yes, we’ve come along. Up to this point aviation has been to a certain degree the last hold out in the digital revolution. Not so any longer. We have recently pasted a “tipping point” where the transition to digital flight for general aviation has radically accelerated and flying will never be the same again. There is much to know about these advanced machines and that is where GlassPilot.com comes in.

GlassPilot.com is intended to help pilots and aspiring pilots be exposed and educated to the value, potential, safety, and comfort these advancements bring while providing access to the evolving tools, training options and support available to help them enjoy the full advantages of flying “glass”.

So, come along and enjoy the ride with us!