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Boot Camp



“The Top Ten Questions …

Pilots Ask About Glass Panel Modern Aircraft”

We want to help you in your research by sharing the answers to the most pressing questions we get from pilots. Our unique and entertaining format, we call our 10 Day Boot Camp, will make it fun and easy while being very imformative.

Don’t worry there is no sweating involved! You’ll enjoy the “Boot Camp” from the comfort of your desk as we simply email you a question and an answer a day for 10 days. At the end of the Boot Camp you’ll better understanding the ins and outs of digital flight systems and you’ll know whether you should consider putting a glass panel in your future for purchase or rental.

Drum Roll Please for the…

The Top Ten Questions


10. What’s the Big Deal with glass?

9. How do the different systems compare?

8. Should I get a Digital or Analog Autopilot?

7. TIS or TAS? What’s the difference in traffic systems?

6. Is WAAS worth it?

5. What is Synthetic Vision and do I need it?

4. What about subscriptions and upgrades?

3. Are glass aircraft safer?

2. How can I afford a glass aircraft?

1. How can I learn to fly glass and how long will it take?


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