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Digital technology has changed our lives dramatically in the last 20 years.

My kids never seem to stop being amazed that when I tell them there were no computers, CD’s, iPods, or anything digital when I was young.

Yes, we’ve come a long way but up to this point aviation has been to a certain degree the last hold out in the digital revolution. Not so any longer. We have recently pasted a “tipping point” where the transition to digital flight for general aviation has radically accelerated and flying will never be the same again. There is much to know about these advanced machines and that is where GlassPilot.com comes in.

Helping pilots understand the differences between traditional “Steam Gauge” Cockpits and the new digital technologies and how those difference can impact safety, comfort and utility of an airplane is our main mission at GlassPilot.com.

GlassPilot.com is intended to help pilots and aspiring pilots be exposed and educated to the value, potential, safety, and comfort these advancements bring while providing access to the evolving tools, training options and support available to help them enjoy the full advantages of flying “glass”.

So, come along and enjoy the ride with us!

John Armstrong, Publisher

John the GlassPilot