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The DA42-VI ultimate video

GlassPilotPilot Reports

Any one interested in a modern high utility aircraft should watch this extensive video that illustrates the unique capabilities of the Diamond DA42-VI.


DA42-VI Debuts at Sun N Fun

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Provided by John Armstrong of Dominion Aircraft Sales:

We had the pleasure of providing the DA42-VI (Version Six) for its first showing at Sun N Fun 2014. The aircraft selected for this was the first DA42-VI brought into the US earlier last year. You can read all the posts about this special plane here. The DA42-VI represents the pinnacle of performance in the DA42 line so we thought our readers would enjoy reading about the delivery flight to Sun N Fun for the show.

Dave and Sue Passmore the proud owners of N42DA have already put over 180 hours on the aircraft in its first nine months. They have enjoyed trips to Canada, the mid-west and a wonderful trip to the Bahamas already. Sue completed her multi-engine rating so to say the least they are enjoying the capabilities and utility of their fabulous new aircraft.

Dave in fact has enjoyed the experience of sharing the unique capabilities of this aircraft so much he has joined Dominion Aircraft Sales as a Diamond Specialist to be a part of the team that helps folks learn more about the Diamond line of modern aircraft. “His experience of starting in a DA20, owning a DA40 and traveling to the Austrian plant to pickup and ferry the DA42-VI ‘across the pond’ gives him a unique ability to share real experience with those interested owning these modern magic carpets”, stated John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales. “We are delighted to have Dave on the team.”

Dave took off from Leesburg on the Monday just prior to Sun N Fun and stopped off in Raleigh Durham to pick up John Armstrong and his wife Mary Margaret. The unique thing was he had over 50 Knot winds at 3000 feet and gusts on the ground to 30 knots. The DA42 is a solid platform that easily handles challenging conditions and Dave enjoy fantastic tail winds with ground speeds over 200 knots.

We loaded up the three of us and all our bags and full tanks and launched headed to Lakeland. Since Dave is enjoying his recently earned CFI designation he gladly put me in the left seat and off we went. We had filed for 16,000 feet to do some performance testing and try out the on-board oxygen system. At startup its always a treat to experience the operation of the aircraft. You turn on the master and wait for a moment and then turn the key for the left engine. It starts immediately every time and purrs as such a low noise level you have to confirm its turning when you have your headset on. The run up on the Austro diesel engines with their FADEC control is fully automated. You press a button and it does it all for you and reports the results and you are ready to go.

With our fully loaded aircraft the first thing you notice in climb is how strong the climb rate it…we experienced 1000+ fpm climbs all the way to altitude at 92 percent power and 100kts. The turbo charged engines with their strong torque profile means that as we went up our performance increased.

Our first altitude stop in our IFR plan was at 10K feet. At that level we set for 75% power and enjoyed a 170kt cruise which is 195.5 MPH, with a 27 knot tailwind putting us right at 230 MPH ground speed. The burn at that level was only 13.2gph. The Statute mile per gallon economy was 14.8 MPG which is on par with many of the vehicles we drive but certainly don’t have two engines and don’t go over 200MPH! I adjusted the reclining seat and made note of the extra leg room over the DA40 configuration. The aircraft has an extremely comfortable traveling position in all the seats.
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Diamond DA42-VI flying the Austrian Alps

GlassPilotPilot Reports


Plane & Pilot Review of Diamond DA42-VI

GlassPilotGeneral, News, Pilot Reports

This excellent review of the new high performance version of Diamond’s jet fuel burning twin, the Diamond DA42-VI (aka the Version 6), was recently posted by Bill Cox of Plane&Pilot. Bill’s extensive experience provides a valuable perspective on this fully refined high tech twin. We hope you enjoy the read. Read the full article.


DA42-VI…The Making of a Star

GlassPilotNews, Pilot Reports

In May 2013 Dominion Aircraft Sales imported the first Diamond DA42-VI sold to the US and documented the process on GlassPilot.com . From the birthing of the aircraft in Austria, including the European Delivery Experience for the new owners Sue and Dave Passmore, to the ferry flight to the London Ontario plant for equipment additions, this plane was destined to be a star when it arrived in the US.

To cement this particular aircraft into the wall of fame, John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft, arranged for the plane to be featured as the front cover story in AOPA Pilot Magazine for the Oshkosh 2013 issue. Though the DA42 has been on the market for some time and many folks think they know the plane, this new enhanced version is truly amazing.

Upon arrive of the plane into the United State Armstrong coordinated with Dave and Sue Passmore, the planes new owners, to conduct the aircraft flight review and air to air photo shoot with the professional team from AOPA in Frederick Maryland including Ian Twombly, Editor and Writer, Mark Evans as photo platform pilot and Mike Fizer AOPA Staff Photographer. The following video was shot as a behind the scenes sneak preview of this all new version of the aircraft and the amazing work of these media professionals.

All images were shot using only an iPhone 5 and are not professional quality. When the story hits the news stands you will see some of the most impressive professional images you’ve ever seen. Make sure to be on the lookout for your copy of AOPA Pilot for this special story. We hope you enjoy this preview teaser and the view from behind the scenes.

Enjoy the whole story of this special aircraft.

It is the first DA42-VI model sold and delivered to the United States. The story includes the pick up at the Diamond Austrian factory with the European Delivery Experience for the new owners plus the pilot log of the ferry of the aircraft to North America to the Diamond plant in Canada. To top it off the video above shows the plane going through its paces for an AOPA feature story and flight review.

High Speed Diamond DA42-VI Comes to America

First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part I

First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part II

First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part III

First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part IV

First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part V

DA42-VI Video of new features and enhancements


First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part V

GlassPilotNews, Pilot Reports

Flight 5: Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada (CYYR) to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (CYQB)

The first of our two flights on Day 3, westward across Canada to Quebec City — 584 nm and 3 hours 54 minutes — began with beautifully clear weather at Goose Bay. Since we no longer needed an HF radio, prior to departure Fritz disconnected the unit and many of the wires he had installed underneath the right side instrument panel:
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First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part IV

GlassPilotNews, Pilot Reports
Flight 4: Narsarsuaq, Greenland (BGBW) to Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada (CYYR)

After about an hour on the ground at Narsarsuaq — where the only hot food obtainable for lunch was a microwaved hot dog — it was time to take off for Canada. Our second flight of Day 2 was 679 nm and what should have been about 4 hours of flying. But that was not to be.

In checking the weather forecast maps at Narsarsuaq, we could see that we were going to have some weather issues that would worsen as we got closer to Goose Bay. In particular, while winds early in the flight would be relatively light, they were predicted to increase to at least 50 knots headwind off the coast of Labrador. And at least 2 frontal boundaries near Goose Bay caused a forecast for “severe” icing between 12,000 and 14,000 feet — the altitudes we had been flying. (I’d never before seen an icing symbol on a weather chart with THREE vertical lines intersecting the letter “U”.) But even with some headwinds we felt confident we would make it.

Here’s the takeoff and departure over the fiords and bare rocks found along the southwestern coast of Greenland. Communications between the aircraft and Narsarsuaq tower (and then back to “Thunderstorm” Greenland approach) can be heard:

Embarrassing note: Both Fritz and I were so distracted by the scenery with our heads outside the cockpit that we forgot to raise the landing gear until immediately after this video recording terminated. Despite operating near max gross weight, the DA42-VI was climbing so well that neither pilot noticed the gear was still down until after the aircraft had climbed to 8000 feet! :oops: Read the rest of this entry »


First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part III

GlassPilotNews, Pilot Reports

Flight 3: Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK) to Narsarsuaq, Greenland (BGBW)

The first flight of Day 2: 679 nm and 3 hours 56 minutes from Iceland to Greenland was definitely the most spectacular, thrilling, and just plain amazing. It’s what made the whole trip so memorable.

We had “severe clear” good visibility weather for our flight out of Reykjavik, with departure after takeoff passing right over the city:

After we turned southwest towards our destination in Greenland, we flew at 14,000 feet above a broken cloud layer with little to see. But it was fun to look at the G1000 MFD display (be sure to click on the photo for an expanded view): Read the rest of this entry »


First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part II

GlassPilotNews, Pilot Reports

This post is the continuation of the North Atlantic Crossing of the First Diamond DA42-VI sold for delivery to the US. The aircraft was sold by Dominion Aircraft Sales and the new owner made the flight with the ferry pilot and provided these reports.

Flight 2: Wick, Scotland (EGPC) to Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK)

The second flight of the trip was shorter than the first, 3 hours 44 minutes while covering 652 nm of mostly open water. After about a one-hour stop at Wick to refuel and file another flight plan, we prepared to launch towards Iceland.

While at Wick the FBO handling agent at Far North Aviation offered to rent us immersion suits, personal rafts, and personal locator beacons, at a cost of something like 50 GBP for a suit, and more for a raft and beacon — one-way rental to Goose Bay, Ontario, Canada. But before any money could change hands, he asked if we had any room onboard the aircraft to carry additional suits, rafts, and beacons to Goose Bay. Apparently there had been an imbalance of too many aircraft being ferried eastbound to Europe and not enough going westbound in our direction, so Goose Bay had run out of gear, and Wick had accumulated too much.

Since there were just 2 of us onboard the DA42 and the nose baggage compartment was completely empty, we loaded the plane with a set of 6 rafts, 2 suits, and 6 beacons. The total weight about equalled carrying a 3rd adult passenger, spread between the nose compartment and the back seat. With all of our fuel tanks (including the auxiliary tanks behind the engines) topped off, were were probably overweight, but not by too much. The irony of carrying this gear was that Fritz and I decided not to wear the very uncomfortable immersion suits, so all the survival gear probably wouldn’t have done us much good if we had to ditch in the icy-cold water.

During the stop at Wick I had neglected to completely shut down my GoPro camera and killed the battery, so here’s the takeoff video captured with my iPhone:

Check out all the black cows (or are they sheep?) in the fields below.

We flew at 15,000 feet mostly above the overcast cloud layer, but would occasionally be in the cloud tops. As a result of flying through the tops, even at the cold temperatures below -20degC, we started picking up ice Read the rest of this entry »


First DA42-VI Makes the Crossing Part I

GlassPilotNews, Pilot Reports

In December 2012 my pilot wife and I put down a deposit on a brand new DA42 “dash six” with our Diamond Distributor Dominion Aircraft Sales. At the current time Diamond currently produces DA42s only in its Wiener Neustadt, Austria factory about 30 miles south of Vienna.

For awhile Diamond was also producing DA42s in the London, Ontario, Canada factory back when they had a huge order backlog for hundreds of DA42s. Back then major components (painted fuselages, wings, etc.) were being sent in “kit” form from Austria, with final assembly being performed in Canada for North American customers.

With the switch from Thielert to Austro engines — Diamond stopped producing new DA42s in Canada except for a small number of avgas Lycoming-powered DA42-L360 aircraft. So to get a new DA42-VI, the aircraft is produced in Austria and ferried to North America.

We opted for the European Delivery Experience offered by our distributor as we thought it would be a chance of a lifetime. Our Diamond distributor John Armstrong and his wife Mary Margaret hosted us for a week in Vienna and coordinated our factory visits, tours, intro flights and excursions. It was an amazing week and an experience we will never forget. To make things even more interesting I requested to accompany the plane for the ferry flight over the Northern Route of the Atlantic and John was also able to coordinate this special request as well.

We arrived on a Monday and enjoyed an afternoon of sightseeing in Vienna. Day two was our first day at the factory and they wasted no time in wowing us. After the cerimonial handing over the the keys by Christian Dries himself we loaded up in our new plane with another DA42 in tow and headed to Salzburg.
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High Speed Diamond DA42-VI Comes to US


High tech performance with twin diesel propulsion makes the new Diamond DA42-VI high-speed version stand out as the capable modern mobility solution

Diamond Regional Distributor, Dominion Aircraft Sales, announced they traveled in May to the Diamond Aircraft headquarters in Austria accompanying proud new owners, Dave and Sue Passmore, to take delivery of the first US-bound DA42-VI twin turbo diesel aircraft. The most technologically advanced twin aircraft today, the new enhanced DA42-VI high speed version represents the latest in carbon composite airframe design, advanced avionics capabilities, FADEC diesel engine technology and unprecedented performance.

This latest enhanced version, referred to as –VI (“dash 6”), is the culmination of over 10 years of refinement of the Diamond twin diesel design and includes the latest Diamond built Austro Engines. Diamond incorporated an additional 21 aerodynamic changes, weight reductions, performance enhancements and refinements that have resulted in the ultimate DA42 aircraft.

“This high performance aircraft is designed for pilots who want to go anywhere in the world in style without compromising speed, fuel economy, weather capabilities, or safety” states John Armstrong, Dominion Aircraft Sales President, who accompanied the new owners for this special delivery.

Speaking about Diamond Aircraft’s long-standing commitment to innovation, safety and performance, Armstrong remarked, “Diamond continues to exceed the industry by coupling sleek state of the art, ultra strong carbon fiber designs with high-performance super fuel-efficient FADEC controlled diesel engines. Our customers are seeking alternatives to the uncertainty associated with AV-gas, which compels them to look at Diamonds. After doing their research, they are amazed by the unmatched capability, performance and economy that Diamond engineering provides. Diamond has been delivering this amazing aircraft to many parts of the world and we are excited to now bring it to our US-based customers.”

This latest DA42 version can cruise at 190+ knots burning roughly half what traditional twins use. Pilots can also choose to burn an incredibly low 10 gallons per hour in 155 knot super long range cruise mode, all using Jet Fuel rather than 100LL AV-Gas. The combination of the ultra safe design of the airframe, the redundancy of the twin engines, the advantage of the full Flight Into Known Ice certification (FIKI), the flexibility of not having to worry about future AV-Gas price or availability, and the comfort of air conditioning make this aircraft a serious modern world-wide personal transportation solution.

Left to Right: John & Mary Margaret Armstrong Diamond Distributors, Johan Wahlander of Diamond, Sue and Dave Passmore proud new owners, Christian Dries Chairman of Diamond.

Both Dave and Sue Passmore are pilots and have enjoyed their Diamond DA40 XLS based at Leesburg VA. After thoroughly enjoying the DA40, they decided they were ready for a next level higher-performance aircraft. Dave Passmore, an MIT graduate and technology research analyst, studied multiple options once he made the decision to purchase a new aircraft. “The high tech nature and performance of the DA42-VI is like no other machine in its class among piston 4-place singles or twins” stated Mr. Passmore. “It comes with features such as FIKI certification, amazing turbo diesel economy, worldwide fuel availability, the most desired avionics, and the comfort of factory air conditioning. After reviewing all the single engine and twin engine options available and doing extensive comparison, there was no question that this aircraft best meets our needs.” Read the rest of this entry »


Austro Engine Raised to 1800 hr TBO!









LifeStyle Aviation is pleased to provide you this significant announcement regarding the expanded TBO (time between overhaul) of the engines used in our Diamond DA40 and DA42 aircraft.

Austro Engine TBO Raised

austro engine logo

Austro Engines, the Diamond Aircraft owned diesel engine maker, today announced in the following brief statement that their engines that power the DA40 NG and DA42 line of aircraft have been raised from 1500 hours to 1800 hours TBO recommendation.

Read Full Article




Diamond Flyers Descend on Washington DC

GlassPilotGeneral, News


group shot of udvar hazy 2

Diamond Flyers from various parts of the East Coast descended on Washington DC recently to enjoy one of our nation’s most prized jewels of the aviation industry… the National Air & Space Museum for a private guided tour.

The Stephen L. Udvar Hazy National Air & Space Museum is located adjacent to the Dulles International Airport and is named  in honor the sizable donation from Mr. Hazy who made his fortune leasing aircraft.

The museum is simply the worlds greatest collection of famous aircraft. Visitors are greeted at the door by the SR71 “Blackbird”, the Concord SST, the Enola Gay B29, the Boeing 707, the space shuttle Discovery and hundreds more from the beginnings of flight to the dreams of space. It is truly remarkable and something that every aviation enthusiast, young person and of course pilot should visit. Dave Passmore, proud owner of the first Diamond DA42-VI to come to America as well as a member of the Dominion Aircraft Sales team was the groups private tour guide. Dave is a docent at the museum and provided a wealth of knowledge and added enjoyment for the group.

Tudvar hazy planeshe Fly-In event was organized by the East Coast Diamond Flight Center Network, a growing group of flight centers that are banded together to create new potentials in modern flight training and access to modern aviation lifestyles and aircraft. The group includes flight training organizations from Boston to North Carolina and is sponsored by Dominion Aircraft Sales the Diamond Regional Distribution Center for the region. American Aviation, based at Manassas VA,  hosted the group as the destination airport Flight Center arranging for their arrivals and transportation.

“Our Flight Center Network is truly remarkable” commented John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales “They are progressive thinking operators that are working together to create a different experience and potential for people coming into aviation. They have committed to using modern aircraft, modern training technics and tools such as our online learning management systems and simulators, and they are committed to helping their clients achieve the potential of the flying lifestyle.”

The group sponsors events to help pilots enjoy the potential of flight and encourage them to venture past their training routine. In fact, one of the participants of the DC Museum event that came from Blue Line Aviation  soloed an aircraft for the first time ever on Friday and on Saturday he flew into the DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) for the event  and then did IFR training on the flight home (all with his instructor of course!).  Several of the participants for the Fly-In own leaseback aircraft and several owned 3 Diamonds! Leasebacks are the structure used for students and pilots to own aircraft with leverage tax advantage structure with the flight school leasing the aircraft for the owner to provide them a unique economic potential.  The Flight Center Network represents excellent opportunities for acquiring and lgroup shot of udvar hazy clubeasing aircraft.  Mr. Hazy figured it out and the Diamond network helps people learn about the economic advantages of leaseback opportunities for personal aircraft.

A new flying Club, The Cape Fear Flyers from Wilmington NC, was represented and Blue Line Aviation of Raleigh NC had three of their Diamonds fly in for the event.

“As a group we are the gateway for people to access their dreams of flight. We want to help them achieve their goals and this involves providing effective training and modern equipment but also methods for them to acquire aircraft or gain access to them for their flying dreams. Our Leaseback and DiamondShare programs are powerful tools to help people achieve their dreams.” continued Armstrong.

The flight training organizations that are part of the growing and special Diamond Flight Center Development program are:

American Aviation – Manassas VA

SML Aviation – Roanoke and Lynchburg VA

Blue Line Aviation – Raleigh and Johnson County NC

Alpha One – Salisbury and Concord NC

Cargill Aeronautical Academy – Harrisburg PA

Dillon’s Aviation – Greenville NC

Don Davis Aviation –  Henderson KY

Epix Aviation – Chesapeake and Newport News VA

Freeflight Aviation – Medford NJ

Nexgen Aviation – Lexington KY

Noble Airventures – Stow MA

Image Aviation – Oxford CT

Enjoy more photos of the fly-in event.

Dominion Aircraft Sales is the Regional Diamond Distribution Center (DRDC) for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast of the US that created and sponsors the Diamond Flight Center Development Program, the DiamondShare Program and the GlassPlane.com Network. Through its flight centers, partners and affiliates they provide an extensive and productive network for the sale of aircraft, training, brokerage services and membership access to aircraft. For more information or to gain access to the services of our member flight training organizations contact the company at 406-FLY-1NOW / 406-359-1669.




Flying the New Tundra Star

GlassPilotGeneral, Pilot Reports

During our trip to the Diamond Austrian Factory to pick up the first DA42-VI bound for the US, we had the opportunity to see up close all the projects and new products coming from the Diamond development team. The Diamond Tundra Stars were rolling off the line in volume with most headed to Russia for a large order there.

Christian Dries the owner of Diamond provided me the opportunity to fly this new DA40 variant and since I had flown the DA40 NG in the last year I was keen to compare and see what the new bird was all about.

The plane was designed to be the ideal training and personal aircraft for countries and areas where they need to operate from grass and unimproved runways routinely. The combination of that focus with the miserly JET-A burning Austro engine is what has made this an instant hit with large orders from such countries as Russia.

The stance of the plane is what catches one’s attention immediately. The gear is significantly higher and the large tundra tires with their anodized wheels really pop and look sharp.  It could easily win a DA40 Pimp My Ride Competition.

Entry in from the rear of the wing as they moved the step behind the wing. I presume this is to make the entry easier as the trailing edge is definitely lower than the top of the leading edge.

The now famous Diamond test pilot Fritz (aka Cowboy) provided me my intro flight and of course had fun showing off the plane. The first thing he had to do was show off the easy start operations…turn the key and go simplicity. To make  the point he turned it off and on 4 times quickly on the ramp just to stress that its really that easy with the smooth running diesels. Read the rest of this entry »