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DiamondShare Continues Expansion

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Diamond DA40 Premier Edition

New DiamondShare Groups in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

DiamondShare, a revolutionary program helping pilots justify and afford access to new modern aircraft, continues to expand.  A new Diamond DA40 XLT DiamondShare is now in the Philadelphia area.  Seth Levine, the newest DiamondShare owner has just returned from flying his new DA40 back from the Diamond factory in Canada.  DiamondShare also announced they have just expanded to Georgetown Delaware and there is a member opportunity available at this time for these two new locations. 

This follows DiamondShare’s expansion over the last year with groups in Seneca Falls NY, Linden NJ, and Monmouth NJ in addition to the locations at Caldwell NJ and Raleigh NC.   DiamondShare is also planning new DiamondShare units in the White Plains NY area.  Its no surprise the popular program is growing; it provides buyers with an entirely new set of economics to consider for ownership of a modern aircraft. 

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