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Diamond provides new DA52 video


As usual Diamond engineers are busy in the back room working on future designs. This video presents the Diamond DA52-VII which will be the next to pop out of the certification process albeit still at an undetermined future time. This is the second video released of this aircraft with the first being the maiden flight video. On a visit to Austria in the spring of 2013 we had the opportunity to see the development and flight testing first hand on this aircraft. They have learned much from the extensive refinements of the high speed DA42 version six project and are incorporating that learning into the DA52. The DA52 is slated to be powered by the Austro AE300 engines. The cabin size is what catches ones attention along with the gull doors and seating in a 5+2 configuration.  Enjoy this fine video of what will no doubt be a very high utility high tech aircraft. No final pricing, schedule for completion or market delivery has been published yet so stay tuned. For more info on this aircraft call 406-FLY-1NOW.

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