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High Speed Diamond DA42-VI Comes to US


High tech performance with twin diesel propulsion makes the new Diamond DA42-VI high-speed version stand out as the capable modern mobility solution

Diamond Regional Distributor, Dominion Aircraft Sales, announced they traveled in May to the Diamond Aircraft headquarters in Austria accompanying proud new owners, Dave and Sue Passmore, to take delivery of the first US-bound DA42-VI twin turbo diesel aircraft. The most technologically advanced twin aircraft today, the new enhanced DA42-VI high speed version represents the latest in carbon composite airframe design, advanced avionics capabilities, FADEC diesel engine technology and unprecedented performance.

This latest enhanced version, referred to as –VI (“dash 6”), is the culmination of over 10 years of refinement of the Diamond twin diesel design and includes the latest Diamond built Austro Engines. Diamond incorporated an additional 21 aerodynamic changes, weight reductions, performance enhancements and refinements that have resulted in the ultimate DA42 aircraft.

“This high performance aircraft is designed for pilots who want to go anywhere in the world in style without compromising speed, fuel economy, weather capabilities, or safety” states John Armstrong, Dominion Aircraft Sales President, who accompanied the new owners for this special delivery.

Speaking about Diamond Aircraft’s long-standing commitment to innovation, safety and performance, Armstrong remarked, “Diamond continues to exceed the industry by coupling sleek state of the art, ultra strong carbon fiber designs with high-performance super fuel-efficient FADEC controlled diesel engines. Our customers are seeking alternatives to the uncertainty associated with AV-gas, which compels them to look at Diamonds. After doing their research, they are amazed by the unmatched capability, performance and economy that Diamond engineering provides. Diamond has been delivering this amazing aircraft to many parts of the world and we are excited to now bring it to our US-based customers.”

This latest DA42 version can cruise at 190+ knots burning roughly half what traditional twins use. Pilots can also choose to burn an incredibly low 10 gallons per hour in 155 knot super long range cruise mode, all using Jet Fuel rather than 100LL AV-Gas. The combination of the ultra safe design of the airframe, the redundancy of the twin engines, the advantage of the full Flight Into Known Ice certification (FIKI), the flexibility of not having to worry about future AV-Gas price or availability, and the comfort of air conditioning make this aircraft a serious modern world-wide personal transportation solution.

Left to Right: John & Mary Margaret Armstrong Diamond Distributors, Johan Wahlander of Diamond, Sue and Dave Passmore proud new owners, Christian Dries Chairman of Diamond.

Both Dave and Sue Passmore are pilots and have enjoyed their Diamond DA40 XLS based at Leesburg VA. After thoroughly enjoying the DA40, they decided they were ready for a next level higher-performance aircraft. Dave Passmore, an MIT graduate and technology research analyst, studied multiple options once he made the decision to purchase a new aircraft. “The high tech nature and performance of the DA42-VI is like no other machine in its class among piston 4-place singles or twins” stated Mr. Passmore. “It comes with features such as FIKI certification, amazing turbo diesel economy, worldwide fuel availability, the most desired avionics, and the comfort of factory air conditioning. After reviewing all the single engine and twin engine options available and doing extensive comparison, there was no question that this aircraft best meets our needs.”

Sue Passmore is excited about the new plane and commented, “We are looking forward to using the plane for trips short and long, including crossing the US to visit our children in California. The turbo diesel and known ice capability will allow us to safely fly across mountains and deserts to go wherever we want to go. We have other trips planned from the Bahamas to Maine. The best part is the plane provides the same level of economy we’ve become addicted to in or DA40.”

Though most customers enjoy the “deliver to your home airport” convenience that comes with the purchase of a new Diamond plane, the Passmores decided to enjoy the “European Delivery Experience” offered by their Diamond Distributor. Most Diamond aircraft bound for the North American market are produced in the Diamond factory in London Ontario Canada. However the latest DA42-VI is currently produced only in Austria under the watchful eye of Diamond Aircraft Industries Chairman, Christian Dries who personally flies his own DA42-VI.

“European delivery in Austria includes a comprehensive tour of both the Diamond and Austro engine factories in Wiener Neustadt and sightseeing in Vienna” explains John Armstrong. “We arranged a special flight along the spectacular Alps to Salzburg to see the Red Bull Hangar 7 museum and enjoy lunch overlooking the birthplace of Mozart, topped off by a dinner with Christian Dries to discuss flying and the history of the development of the new aircraft. We wanted it to be a very special experience.”

“We very much enjoyed hosting the Passmores and consider this a historical moment as we move aviation another step forward in the US by providing this high performance aircraft with its unique capabilities”, said Christian Dries.

A full photo montage of the experience including sightseeing in Vienna and Salzburg plus factory tour photos and flying are available to view online.

Seeing this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the European Delivery Experience even more exciting, Dave Passmore requested to make the journey bound for the US with ferry pilot Friedrich (Fritz) Lehner over the North Atlantic. Their intercontinental journey from Austria to Canada will be a special logbook entry Dave adds to his pilot experience. Dave commented “I look forward to this opportunity to personally meet the professionals who designed and assembled this incredible aircraft, but also to also accompany Fritz as we visit Iceland and Greenland on our way to North America.”

“We’ve seen a significant increase in people interested in learning about the advantages of diesel technology over AV-Gas this year” states Armstrong. “Many people are searching for efficient travel solutions that make sense and provide a new level of personal freedom for business and personal use. The aircraft from Diamond represent the single best fit to achieve these dreams in the most economical, safe and convenient way.”

The proud new owners have agreed to provide Dominion Aircraft the opportunity to display and provide access for press and prospects over the course of this year. Look for future flying reports and details from the ferry flight on our blog www.GlassPIlot.com.

For more information about Diamond Aircraft and the New DA42-VI please visit: www.flydominion.com or call: 406-359-1669.

About Dominion Aircraft
Dominion Aircraft Sales is the Diamond Regional Distribution Center (DRDC) serving NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, DC, MD, VA, WV, and KY. Dominion provides personalized service to clients looking to acquire modern personal mobility solutions and aircraft. They are currently the number one selling DRDC organization in the US and support a growing network of Diamond Flight Centers Partners that help deliver modern Diamond aircraft, executive mobility and modern flight training solutions.

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