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Go “10 Carat” Diamond Go!

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Here at GlassPilot.com we are cheering for Cynthia Lee and her copilot, Nancy Rohr, in the Air Race Classic in her new Diamond DA40 XLS she acquired in December 2011. She affectionately dubbed her Diamond “10 Carat” in reference to the planes beauty and value! Good Luck Gals! Show em what the Diamond will do!

Cynthia, Nancy and 10Carat were featured in an AOPA Online article and called the “new comers” to the race. Cynthia is based in Wilmington Delaware and lives just over the line in PA. She and Nancy had an eventful but beautiful flight out west to be in position for the race.

They are all set to begin the race of a lifetime!

Cynthia learned to fly later in life and bought a basic Piper plane to learn to fly and get started. She soon after that selected the Diamond DA40 XLS as her dream plane and began scheming on how to make the move over. This happened when she was able to get a ride in the DA40 XLS as she was finishing up her Private…one flight and she was hooked! ┬áJohn Armstrong of Dominion Aircraft Sales assisted Ms. Lee and was able to offer a trade for her Piper Archer to help her get into the fully decked out new DA40 XLS. “Working with Cynthia was great”, John said, “She is pursuing her dreams with such a fun and positive attitude it’s impossible not to be inspired by her. I’ve had the pleasure of flying on some trips with Cynthia and I can simply say she is a great pilot, a very special person and a delight to be with.”

Cynthia took advantage of a new program to purchase her Diamond called the DiamondShare – Share & Save Program that arranges block lease clients to reduce the cost of ownership to a desired budget target allowing the buyer to obtain the new plane of their dreams. Its an innovative new program that has significant benefits for buyers as well as their block lease clients.

Here is a great photo of 10Carat on the ramp at Sedona on the way to Lake Havasu where the race begins.

We will look forward to bringing you more updates about the progress of these great gals as they race across the country in their sparkling new Diamond.


Go 10Carat Go!

  1. Celeste and Gary Says:

    DITTO! Go Carat Go! Great article!