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City of Oaks becomes Windy City


I’m starting to wonder if it’s me these tornadoes are chasing. I reported on the the Sun N Fun tornado and then after a great, busy, sunny, productive couple of days at the event I headed to my home town of Raleigh, NC aka The City of Oaks. Then two weeks later we got our own dose of tornadoes.

John Fielding, a flying friend from Virginia called me on that Saturday and said, “Are you at home in Raleigh? If so, get in the closet!” Sure enough the dark red on the radar was coming our way. We watched as it grazed past our home to the East unfortunately causing some significant damage along its path. It made it’s way up the East side of Raleigh and on to Louisburg where my friend, Steve Merritt, manages the Triangle North Airport (KLHZ).

After the storm passed, the sky cleared to bright blue without a cloud in the sky. I took to the skies in a great Husky I just listed for sale and flew low and slow to take pictures of the path. Of course the Husky is the perfect plane for the mission! The airport faired well but a few hangar doors caused damage on one of my customer’s aircraft and a poor Tomahawk flew off its tie down and sailed into another plane. The weather is great now and we are looking forward to a great flying season putting all this behind us! ┬áCheck out my aerial pictures…

  1. Tom Clephane Says:

    How much you asking for the Husky and where can I see pictures of it for sale?

  2. GlassPilot Says:

    The Husky will be advertised on flydominion.com, flypas.com, and controller.com next week. It is a fantastic plane. A 1998 with less than 480 hours! Price will be only $89k.