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GlassPilot brings you a KC135 Refueling Flight

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Air Refueling in the KC135 from John Armstrong on Vimeo.

Here at GlassPilot we enjoy sharing information about modern aircraft and the impact the technology is having on the way we fly. Sometimes we like to share unique experiences and flying destinations for our readers to enjoy.  In this video we have the opportunity to share the experience of a recent flight on an Air Force Air Refueling Tanker. I was invited on a Civic Leader orientation flight.  The entire process was truly amazing.

In a typical refueling the KC135 might give an F15 3000 lbs or 500 gallons of fuel in only minutes.  The F15′s follow the tanker and the boom operator guides the fuel nozzle into a special fitting on the top of the aircraft. The song on the video seemed to fit as it says, “follow-me home and give me 5″. In one refueling mission the KC135 can deliver more fuel than the average driver would use in over 40 years of driving!

Though there are lots of engine gauges you’ll see that they don’t have anything on our modern GA panels! In fact, the aircraft was built the same year I was born and has been updated with glass avionics systems. In this updated form it is still the workhorse of the Air Force for refueling today. I think you’ll enjoy the video, check it out.  JA for GlassPilot.com

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