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Three ways to prepare for winter flying…


Winter flying can be enjoyable … but only if you are well prepared!

So whether you have just ONE minute to spare, 10 minutes, or 45 minutes — please TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AT LEAST ONE OF THESE FREE SAFETY RESOURCES NOW:

  • Have only a minute? Download our Safety Advisor! Many pilots get a weather briefing and have little or no idea how to determine where icing may occur. Tuck your Safety Advisor into your flight bag for quick reference.
  • Have 10 minutes? Take our online quiz! Knowing what you don’t know will help you brush up on the winter hazards that can cause good pilots to make bad mistakes.
  • Have 45 minutes? Take our FREE Interactive Course Weather Wise: Precipitation & Icing. (Recommended.) This course employs engaging graphics and practical, interactive exercises to teach you how to recognize hazards, develop avoidance strategies, and react appropriately when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Or — Take advantage of all three! You can also help other pilots by forwarding a link to this postl to family and friends who fly.

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