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Airventure Exceeds Expectations

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If you can get past the headline news about John Edwards we can get to the real news…Airventure 2008 was a huge success and exceeded expectations.

Candidly, the entire industry was holding its breath this year to see what the turn out at Airventure would be and boy were they all surprised. Let’s face it, most industry folks expected the price of gas to cause alot of people in aircraft or in recreational vehicles to choose not to attend. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

You can read EAA’s review or its article claiming Airventure: A shot in the arm for aviation to get a feel for the exuberance around this year’s event. I’ve attending probably 10 years at Oshkosh and I can definitely tell you that the place was a busy as I’ve ever seen it. The RV camping areas were packed all the way to the gills and one of our group got turned away on Tuesday trying to fly in…they said they were out of aircraft partking at OSH, Appleton and Fond du lac! That’s busy!

So what to make of all this. Well, I can only offer my opinions and they are worth what you pay for them. I think that the convergence of technologies represented in “Glass Aircraft” has the industry really humming on several major fronts. First the Personal Jet and Very Light Jet space is booming. Clearly the combination of the type of technologies we highlight here on GlassPilot are pivotal to his area. Second Glass Avionics Technology is driving all other sectors from Light Sport to Certified to the retrofit market. Light Sport, after a slow start does appear to be gaining a bit of traction.

As I’ve said before it is going to be a very exciting time in aviation for the next five years. We look forward to bringing you more info, reviews and commentary as the market plays out.

I’ll make a prediction…I predict the second half of 2008 will be running strong in all sectors of the general aviation business. The factors driving sales will be the value of modern technologies, tax incentives and a more favorable oil price outlook that we’ve enjoyed in the first half of 2008.

Stay tuned…its time to fly!



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