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The Perfect GlassPilot Companion?

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iPhone for PilotsIts nice having the weather on your glass cockpit and confidently flying through the clouds with your Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)…but where do you go for pre-flight info when you are on the go away from your computer?

Just as there have been advancements in the cockpit, we’ve seen equally amazing developments in the supporting technologies for pilots. Specifically, the iPhone has brought an amazing new level of information and capabilities to the fingertips of pilots.

Specifically, the iPhone is unique at the moment in that it has the ability to truly provide a wireless web experience that is useful just short of amazing. Using Foreflight.com with an iPhone you can access weather data, airport information, diagrams and radar displays that even loop just like on your computer.

airport info on the iPhone

weather on the iPhone

File Flight Plans with your iPhone

Our favorite feature of all is the ability to file a flight plan quickly and easily from the iPhone while on the go. I’ve even had the instance where I called from the taxiway for my clearance and my IFR plan had timed out because I was running behind that day. No worries…I simply whipped out my iPhone and tapped a few “keys” and refiled. I gave it 30 seconds and called back on the radio and sure enough the guy said, “Yep, I’ve got it now!”.

We’ve had computer based access for weather from DUAT and DUATS for some time along with great flight planning tools such as www.fltpln.com. The difference is many of these services have not been able to implement an easy to use and pleasing interface for the mobile user because the limitations of the hand held devices. Foreflight has optimized the service and information for the iPhone and really hit a home run.

Take a look at the video and I think you’ll understand why this new tool from www.Foreflight.com is a GlassPilot.com favorite. Here are just a few of the many screens available via the iPhone and Foreflight.