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How to personalize your G1000…


My wife drives a small four wheel drive wagon and she has short legs. Every time I jump in the vehicle I impale myself on the steering wheel and I can hardly get my long legs in because the seat is closer than I thought possible.

At that moment I always wish I had one of those buttons that makes the car automatically reconfigure itself for me.

Well, I may not have that in my car but I do have that in the G1000 and its a feature many G1000 pilots over look.

If you’ll go to the AUX chapter and then to page 4 the System Setup page you can configure individual configurations for each of the pilots that fly the plane. Obviously this is particularly handy if you have a partnership aircraft, you rent or you just want to have your own setting while leaving the default available.

Once you are at the System Setup Page you select CREATE PROFILE, give it a name and the specify from CURRENT SETTINGS and then CREATE and ACTIVATE.

Then you can scroll through the selections and pick and choose all the settings that are your favorite.

My CFI buddy joked and said, “The most important of course is to select female voice!” else ways you may have flashbacks to riding with your demanding CFI.

My two favorites to set are the alerts for airspace and the data fields for the MFD. You decide by type of airspace if you want to be notified. Because I fly in some

unfamiliar territory at times I usually turn on most of those alerts. I’d rather acknowledge airspace alerts than bust a restricted area.

You can then specify what you want to show up in the four fields at the top of the MFD. This will likely be a personal thing. I usually make sure I have Ground speed, ETE, and ETA.

Another favorite is the ability to select and specify which landing areas based on length and type for my nearest

page in case of an emergency.

After you set up your personal profile in the G1000 you can go and set the general

parameters that control other general aspects of the system.

Go to the main page of the MFD and press the Menu key. There you see a selection to update the Map Setup. Once in this selection you’ll notice it has several layers you can modify. For the most part I don’t modify things in these areas except the

orientation of the main map page you can of course select Track Up, North Up, DTK Up or HDG up. I usually fly with Track up for the main map…I find it makes it easier to stay clear on where I am. If I want a North Up and can quickly zip to the weather page (MAP Chapter page 3) and get a North Up when ever I need it.

So, the next time you are headed out to fly take a minute to explore the setup sections. It will help tweak it to fit your particular needs.

  1. LAFFARGE Says:


    I fly a G1000 Skyhawk that doesn’t have this handy feature.
    Page AUX 4 doesn’t propose to create a profile at all.

    Which aircraft are you fling ?


  2. admin Says:


    This example was taken from a Diamond DA40 XLS with G1000 which all have this feature to allow you to customize the display. I’m sorry to hear your Cessna Skyhawk does not have this feature.

    Glass Pilot

  3. pilatus Says:

    will i find these features on the caravan ?
    how do you get to the aux page ?