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XM Radio is “Refreshing”

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XM Radio Logo
One of the most amazing things about our new digital glass panels we lucky pilots get to enjoy is their connection to the satellites. We not only use the GPS satellites for easy advanced navigation but we also obtain our current weather radar, Metar, Sigmet, Airmet, TFRs, Freezing levels, winds and more via satellites.

This wonder of technology is made possible through the delivery of the data from the XM Radio (nasdaq: XMSR) satellite network. Yes, this is the same network that many of you use to entertain yourself in the cockpit of your Chevy or Lexus as the case may be.

We can also enjoy the many channels of audio while we fly too. Don’t underestimate the enhanced enjoyment this little addition brings. I’ve enjoyed many a sunset evening coming in to land with just the right tune playing in the background and a smile on my face…it is the perfect crowning touch to our new digital cockpits and it’s quite refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing…sometimes it is necessary to “Refresh” the activation signal to our Garmin G1000 unit either the first time or again after a change to the system or if something is not working quite right. The process is actually quite simple and only requires that you have your digital identifiers from your unit known as the Data ID and the Audio ID. With that info in hand you can go to www.refresh.xmradio.com and follow the instructions below.

To refresh a radio previously activated through the Listener Care Center, XM’s eCare Website,
or an Automotive Trial, please follow the instructions below.

Position your XM radio antenna so that it has a clear view to the sky. If using a home unit, make sure the antenna is located in a south-facing window.
Turn on your XM radio and tune to Channel 0 to obtain the 8-digit XM radio ID. NOTE: Please check your ID code carefully. None of the following letters are used: “I” (eye), “o” (oh), “S” or “F”.
Tune your XM radio to Channel 1 and verify that you can hear the XM Preview Channel.
Enter the 8-Digit XM Radio ID Here:

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