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What is Glass?


Here at GlassPilot.com we need to define what we mean by
“Glass”.Garmin G1000

There are lots of things springing up all over the market that claim to be Glass Panels for aircraft and this trend is going to accelerate creating some very exciting times ahead. We look forward to covering these developments for you and bringing you the latest news, info and insights into these developments.

For the moment, however, we will focus our attention on the foundational “Game Changers” if you will. The products that are creating a new direction for the glass revolution.  Specifically, we will focus on the products that have been implemented as “Complete Systems”. By complete system we mean that one manufacturer has built or completely integrated all the elements of flight, control, navigation and communication into a single system for the aircraft.

By making this distinction we can sidestep trying to cover the entire range in detail and focus on the technology foundation that will most certainly the the most important development for the industry since the use of ailerons instead of wing warping. Once we’ve built the knowledge base covering the main systems we can branch out into the developing fringes in everything from Light Sport Aircraft (LSA’s) to the new Very Light Jets (VLJ’s) or Personal Jets (PJ’s)

As a result, we will survey the market for these complete systems and categorize these options for you and bring you all the things you need to know.

The current market leader without question in this segment is Garmin International (Nasdaq: GRMN) with their certified G1000 Avionics System. You’ll see much on the wonders of this system on GlassPilot.com until a new or different market leading product comes along. The Garmin G1000 system is available in numerous new aircraft at this point and provides the perfect launch point for developing our knowledge base for GlassPilots everywhere.

SVT on the Garmin PFDSince most aspiring glass pilots do not have easy access to an aircraft with this technology to fully evaluate we trust our efforts will be helpful, educational and encouraging to many.

I will be your GlassPilot guide. I currently fly the G1000 system about 30 hours a month and can offer you practical experience, cut to the chase assessments and comparisons. In addition, GlassPilot.com will bring you the insights of highly seasoned contributing Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s) that teach pilots how to effectively used these advance systems comfortably and safely.

The other half of the “Glass” at GlassPilot is full of info on composite material aircraft.  Burt Rutan, father of the now famed SpaceShipOne, led the way in the 1980′s demonstrating the vast potential and advantages in design for the use of composites. Its taken over 20 years for these advanced materials to become mainstream in certified aircraft. The new Boeing Dreamliner 787 will be the first airliner to be built mostly from composites. Today, the combination of composite materials and glass panel avionics is what defines the modern general aviation airplane. Its this combination of form and function that GlassPilot will explore.

To help you get started we’ve developed a “Glass Boot Camp” of sorts. We have prepared a special report entitled, “The Top 10 Questions Pilots Ask About Modern Glass Aircraft”. We deliver the answer to each top question, one at a time, in detail over 10 days by email to your door. This is a superbly easy way to become educated quickly on all the vital questions and answers related to these technology wonders. We recommend you register for the boot camp now and then sit back and enjoy the information we will deliver to you to assist in your research.

Happy Landings,


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